Dealing with Clothes Clutter

I recently read some articles on about how to deal with clothes clutter. I’m a detail-oriented person, so a comment that stuck out to me was made by Michal, who said “Decide how many of each type of clothing you should have”, pare everything down, then stick to that many.

So I took inventory of all the clothes I have and made a target quantity of each. The hard part, however, was choosing what to get rid of. I have way more t shirts than I need for instance, but I didn’t want to get rid a bunch all at once. I’ll let go of a few at a time, but in the meantime, knowing how much of each type of clothing I have will keep me from buying more than I need to.
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Dave Ramsey: How to Drive Free Cars for LIFE!

I just started watching Dave Ramsey on Youtube and I found this video about how to pay for a car in cash.

ramsey drive free saving investing

He basically says to save what you would be paying on a car payment. After 10 months of saving you then use your cash and trade in the old car to get a new one.

The car I have now, I paid cash for. But I liked the idea of saving $400/mo for my next car. I’ll also use this method for saving for my tiny house.

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Tip of the Day – Paper Clutter

I am always in the process of decluttering. I don’t want to get rid of all my stuff at once (I wish I could, but I like to keep a lot of stuff.) So right now I have been working on my paper clutter. I hope to get rid of over 60% of all the paper I have. My desk, night stand, some boxes, and a couple shelves have are full of papers.

So I Googled ways to get rid of paper clutter and read a few articles. Something I thought of that I didn’t see in any articles was to “scan” papers by taking pictures of it with my phone. I have seen commercials with someone scanning documents with a little scanner, but I didn’t want to buy one. I have gotten rid of a 3 inch binder, one desk drawer full of papers, and more by taking pics of everything I wanted to keep (like receipts, magazines, birthday cards, etc). The auto focus on my phone works well enough for me to read everything when I upload it to my computer. I also backup really sentimental stuff on

P.S. If you get Evernote and upload everything there you can search the text in images to find it later.

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How to build a House

A volunteer at Habitat for Humanity told me about the book Habitat for Humanity: How to build a House by Larry Haun. I started reading it recently and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is learning to do any construction. It has some great tips and pointers on tools, materials, etc. For those who are looking to build a house, it has clear step by step advice for how to build house (a one story house with crawlspace foundation is used as an example).

build a house book
Here it is on Amazon

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Tiny House Giant Journey

Here’s a great blog about a couple who are traveling across the country:

They will be in my area at the end of October! I would love to do something like this, but I am seriously considering making my house on a foundation, since that looks to be legal in my city.

There are also some beautiful pictures of the house here:

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Another fully legal tiny house!

Here’s another fully legal tiny house on foundation that is being built in Pittsburg by Citylab: I’ll be following this project closely because they are building a Minim house, which is what I want.

They changed the specs a lot. The original design is:
Exterior dimensions of 10’8”x22′
247.5 square feet (approximately 210 feet of interior space)
10′ galley kitchen
8 cu ft refrigerator freezer
5’x7′ office/storage area with a 5’ closet
Through-the-wall a/c unit
Off-grid water systems
Solar power

The new design is:
336 square feet
It will include:
a deck
french doors leading out onto the deck
a window on the office platform, facing the street
a pantry next to the kitchen, for added storage
a washer/dryer
a full range instead of a recreational vehicle model
a separate shower in the bathroom
a through the wall mini-split heating and cooling system

I like the changes they made! I may have to get their plans after they finish.

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City hall visit

I did my City Hall visit a little while ago. I got a chance to sit down with someone and ask some questions about zoning and tiny houses. The person was pretty helpful and brought up some points that I need to read about more in the city zoning code:

  1. An “urban cottage” is allowed in MXD (mixed development) zone. There is no minium size for an urban cottage, but only a maximum of 2 people can live in 699 sqft or less.
  2. MXD, CD, and CBD zones are “floating zones” in which two livable dwellings are allowed to be on one lot (so I could build a tiny house in the backyard of a conventional house)

He didn’t have copies of the city code to give out, so I will just have to keep looking at it online. It was a rather short conversation, but he gave me his card and said it would be easier if I emailed him (I guess so he can look up details rather than go off the top of his head).

Overall, it was a good experience. I may go to some neighboring cities and visit their city hall as well.

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