One good thing …

One good thing about living in a tiny house will be that it will force me to whittle down my belongings. Right now, I hate having to look for stuff. I tend to be a pack-rat and I have tried to declutter, but I still haven’t reached the point where the excess stuff that I will never really use is gone, so that I can find what I actually do need.

For instance, I have been looking for a small socket set to fix something on my car, but I cant find it. It wasn’t with my other tools, so now I have to look through all of my stuff to find it 😦 usually, if something isn’t in the first two places that I think it will be, I wont try to find it, but I really want to use the socket set and not an adjustable wrench. So I will try to find it and purge stuff I don’t need as I go.




About lwllms3

Hello! I'm a young professional who is looking to live debt free in a tiny home. I love learning about ways to get out of debt and everything related to building and living in a tiny home. I will write about my journey, which will include the topics of decluttering, construction, zoning and building code, and saving. I hope that something I share will help you in your life!
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