(project management web app)

I tried out Gantter (project management web app) and I found it really useful and easy to learn. I watched this video playlist first ( and then tried to make a simple project schedule (I made a moving schedule).
blog gantter
Some Pros:
-Intuitive (mostly)
-% Complete column
-Cost column
-Assign resources
-“Link” function that fills in the predecessor column automatically
-Custom calendars can be made

-Duration can’t be set to minutes (just days, hours, months)
-It was difficult to make custom work day hours. The “standard” calendar is 8am – 5pm and there is a 24hr calendar. I wanted to make the work day from 7am to 10p, but it took awhile to figure out how to do it.

I ended up leaving the project calendar as a standard calendar, then I made a custom calendar by going into the calendar properties, selecting “all Sundays by default”, entering the hours I want, saving the calendar, then “all Mondays by default”, etc. and entering the hours. Then I assigned that custom calendar to the resource working those hours (me!).

The software did what I needed it to do, but it crashed in the process of trying to figure out the work hours. I will try out some of the other applications listed in my previous post, and if one of the other ones works better, I will use it for making the project schedule for my tiny house. Hopefully I will get ProjectLibre to work.


About lwllms3

Hello! I'm a young professional who is looking to live debt free in a tiny home. I love learning about ways to get out of debt and everything related to building and living in a tiny home. I will write about my journey, which will include the topics of decluttering, construction, zoning and building code, and saving. I hope that something I share will help you in your life!
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