Made Money at a Flea Market!

I recently sold some stuff at a flea market and made over $100. I wish I had know about the flea market before I donated and gave away so much of my stuff. I could have made more money.

 The flea market I went to charged $20 for two parking lot spaces to set up in. my friend got there at 5am to get a good spot. That was way too early for me! Other than that, this was a great way to declutter and make some money at the same time. There were a lot of people there, and since it is a monthly flea market, I didn’t have to advertise like I would have had to if I did a yard sale.

 If you are looking to declutter or pay down some debt, consider finding a flea market in your area!

WP_20160604_003 flea market

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Paid off a Loan!

I paid off one of my student loans this month! I have been following the “snowball” method to pay off my debt.

If you don’t know what that is, it is paying only the minimum payments on all your debts except for the smallest one. For the smallest one, you pay more than just the minimum (as much as you can afford).

I first heard about the snowball method from Dave Ramsey. See his video about it here:

ramsey snowball

I have kept my spending down and do a written budget so I can put as much as possible toward paying off debt. I encourage anyone who has debt to try that too!

Also, if you know any teens who are starting college in the fall, encourage them to apply for as many scholarships as possible and work while in school. It is not fun to come out of school with a ton of debt.


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One good thing …

One good thing about living in a tiny house will be that it will force me to whittle down my belongings. Right now, I hate having to look for stuff. I tend to be a pack-rat and I have tried to declutter, but I still haven’t reached the point where the excess stuff that I will never really use is gone, so that I can find what I actually do need.

For instance, I have been looking for a small socket set to fix something on my car, but I cant find it. It wasn’t with my other tools, so now I have to look through all of my stuff to find it 😦 usually, if something isn’t in the first two places that I think it will be, I wont try to find it, but I really want to use the socket set and not an adjustable wrench. So I will try to find it and purge stuff I don’t need as I go.



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Sweethome 3D software

In my last post I said I was going to try another project scheduling software, but since then, I was asked by someone I know to do some floorplans using some 3D drawing software that I had mentioned I was going to learn. So I decided to work on the 3D drawings first, and then I will get back to testing out the project scheduling software.

I downloaded Sweethome and Sketchup to try out. I used Sweethome first, which I downloaded from here:

­Sweethome is pretty intuitive to use. Most of the features are self explanatory (such as adding walls, text, etc.). A help window will also pop up when you click each feature, which is very helpful for when I was getting started.

One thing that wasn’t intuitive and didn’t have a help window was how to add windows, chairs, etc. I had to click and drag the feature from the left menu and into the drawing pane. Also, I was adding several rows of chairs and I had to copy and paste them one by one until I figured out that you must shift + click to select several objects.

Sweethome had all of the furniture that I needed for the simple drawings I was making. It has chairs, tables, desks, etc. separated into 6 categories.  I’m excited to see what Sketchup is like next.

2d floorplan sweethome

3d floorplan sweethome

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I tried out Gantter (project management web app) and I found it really useful and easy to learn. I watched this video playlist first ( and then tried to make a simple project schedule (I made a moving schedule).
blog gantter
Some Pros:
-Intuitive (mostly)
-% Complete column
-Cost column
-Assign resources
-“Link” function that fills in the predecessor column automatically
-Custom calendars can be made

-Duration can’t be set to minutes (just days, hours, months)
-It was difficult to make custom work day hours. The “standard” calendar is 8am – 5pm and there is a 24hr calendar. I wanted to make the work day from 7am to 10p, but it took awhile to figure out how to do it.

I ended up leaving the project calendar as a standard calendar, then I made a custom calendar by going into the calendar properties, selecting “all Sundays by default”, entering the hours I want, saving the calendar, then “all Mondays by default”, etc. and entering the hours. Then I assigned that custom calendar to the resource working those hours (me!).

The software did what I needed it to do, but it crashed in the process of trying to figure out the work hours. I will try out some of the other applications listed in my previous post, and if one of the other ones works better, I will use it for making the project schedule for my tiny house. Hopefully I will get ProjectLibre to work.

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Address Numbers Too Small !?

While volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity project, I found out that the inspector said the house numbers that had just been nailed on were too small and had to be changed. They looked big to me (I could read the numbers from over 50 feet away) and I wondered why a store would sell house numbers that were too small.

It took some searching, but I found the regulation in the Montgomery County Code. I thought it would be in the building code chapter, but in chapter 22 Fire Safety Code section 97 it says “Numbers must be at least five (5) inches high for single-family detached and attached residences.”

So consult a professional and double check the codes in your area for yourself if possible!

address number size$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:montgomeryco_md_mc$anc=JD_26

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Project Management Software

I’ve been looking for some free alternatives to MS Project to use at home to plan my tiny house project. So two helpful articles I found are:

Five free Microsoft Project alternatives

5 Best Microsoft Project Alternatives

The software they mention are:
ProjectLibre /Openproj (downloadable desktop application)
GanttProject (downloadable desktop application)
ToDoList (downloadable desktop application)
2-plan (downloadable desktop application)
Open Workbench (downloadable desktop application)
Gantter (web based)
Redbooth/ Teambox (web based)
Rally Community edition (web based)
FreedCaomp (web based)

I tried to download ProjectLibre and try it out first, but the Windows installer on my laptop wasn’t working. So until I get that fixed, I will try out Gantter and write a post about it.

gantter home page

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Dealing with Clothes Clutter

I recently read some articles on about how to deal with clothes clutter. I’m a detail-oriented person, so a comment that stuck out to me was made by Michal, who said “Decide how many of each type of clothing you should have”, pare everything down, then stick to that many.

So I took inventory of all the clothes I have and made a target quantity of each. The hard part, however, was choosing what to get rid of. I have way more t shirts than I need for instance, but I didn’t want to get rid a bunch all at once. I’ll let go of a few at a time, but in the meantime, knowing how much of each type of clothing I have will keep me from buying more than I need to.
clothes clutter50215

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Dave Ramsey: How to Drive Free Cars for LIFE!

I just started watching Dave Ramsey on Youtube and I found this video about how to pay for a car in cash.

ramsey drive free saving investing

He basically says to save what you would be paying on a car payment. After 10 months of saving you then use your cash and trade in the old car to get a new one.

The car I have now, I paid cash for. But I liked the idea of saving $400/mo for my next car. I’ll also use this method for saving for my tiny house.

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Tip of the Day – Paper Clutter

I am always in the process of decluttering. I don’t want to get rid of all my stuff at once (I wish I could, but I like to keep a lot of stuff.) So right now I have been working on my paper clutter. I hope to get rid of over 60% of all the paper I have. My desk, night stand, some boxes, and a couple shelves have are full of papers.

So I Googled ways to get rid of paper clutter and read a few articles. Something I thought of that I didn’t see in any articles was to “scan” papers by taking pictures of it with my phone. I have seen commercials with someone scanning documents with a little scanner, but I didn’t want to buy one. I have gotten rid of a 3 inch binder, one desk drawer full of papers, and more by taking pics of everything I wanted to keep (like receipts, magazines, birthday cards, etc). The auto focus on my phone works well enough for me to read everything when I upload it to my computer. I also backup really sentimental stuff on

P.S. If you get Evernote and upload everything there you can search the text in images to find it later.

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